Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A new journey awaits

Hello, friends and welcome to my new blog! I will begin by telling you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from UW and working in Seattle for six years, I decided to take a leap of faith and move my life to Phoenix, Arizona during the summer of 2014. When I say I took a leap of faith... I really mean it, as I had neither a job nor any friends awaiting me in Phoenix- just an overwhelming feeling this was where God was directing my life. 

While researching which universities and companies I would be applying to in Phoenix, the opportunity arose to travel to Roma this fall and work with the Sisters of Charity at the Vatican. For as long as I can remember, it has been a dream of mine to live in Roma and work at the Vatican, alongside my fellow Catholics. 

As much as I love Roma and all things Italian, I have to admit...I am a bit nervous about living in a new country and experiencing so much of a new culture (while not speaking any of the language!) My "Type A/detailed planner" personality is having a hard time letting go of control (i.e. Where will I do my laundry? What if I run out of money? (legit fear) What if my passport is stolen?? (aka what if I lose it, ha). Where in the world will I get my nails done?! Those who know me know I always have shellac polish on my perfectly manicured nails!! These are all the important questions in life, right? ; ) 

All kidding aside, it would be foolish to allow my fears (and questions which can be easily answered) to dictate my life and my decisions. I refuse let this incredible experience pass me by, so.....HERE I GO! I simply cannot wait to continue my growth as a woman and follower of Christ. I officially begin my "Roman Holiday" on September 8th. I would kindly ask you all keep me in your prayers and if there is anything in Roma or Italy you would like to see, LET ME KNOW and I will try and make it happen! And please (Lisa Binetti) no silly requests like, "I want to see you make out with a hot Italian guy!!!" I will not be documenting that ; )

Me! But with blonder hair...
Just a Seattle girl...

Who moved to Phoenix....

And will soon be off to Roma!


  1. I LOVE this! I am so excited to hear about your adventure in Rome and I am even more excited to start our adventure together in Phoenix! Roommates, coworkers and now blogger friends! Life doesnt get much better. Love and SO proud of you!

  2. Sarah,
    It was a wonderful surprise to see you at Starbucks in Redmond! Journey's mercies to you and I will be following and praying for you.

    Les Steele

  3. Thank you, Les!! So wonderful to see you and I will hope to see you once again in December.

  4. My father was so proud, he learned how to comment on a blog JUST for you Sarah!! Loves loves loves, and I hope I get to visit you. When you find out if you can have visitors crash with you, email me!! - Andrea

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you, Les for taking the time to do this! I am so blessed by the Steele family!!! A- I am checking on this and will send you an email shortly!!! Big hugs to you both! Please tell Gail, Ingrid and Chad I say hi and kisses to those kiddos!