Thursday, December 4, 2014

Final post and photos from Roma

Below are a few photos from my last day at the convent and my final day in Roma- which did not disappoint with a heavy rain and thunderstorm! A perfect day to sit inside and reflect upon my time here, listen to Christmas music, plan my trip to Poland and let myself get excited about coming home and seeing everyone I love in Seattle and Phoenix! I will post about my Polish adventure (complete with a tour of Auschwitz, a stop in Pope John Paul's hometown of Krakow and some pottery shopping in Warsaw) but after that this blog will be finished as I don't think anyone is really interested in hearing how stressed out I am during grad school ; ) I can't thank everyone who has loved and supported me on this journey enough- it means the world to have such special people in my life- friends who now live all over the globe. I would kindly ask my friends to pray for the convent, the Seesters, the poor they serve and the ladies who live there during this Christmas season. 

"He who listens closely to the word shall find happiness: he who puts his trust in the Lord is blessed" Proverbs 16:18

Giving love to 86 year old resident Bette! She is beyond hysterical and has brought me much joy and many laughs- especially when she constantly thought I spoke German and would say "spreken de Deutsch" to me every time I saw her. I would say no and she would stomp the umbrella she always carried on the floor and shout "keine, keine, keine!!" You had to be there ; )

Bette and Seester Maria Gabrielle- Bette loved posing for the pictures! 

NeNita and Bette! 

Seester Claire working her magic in the kitchen! 

The ladies of the convent at lunch table 1 

More ladies at table 2 

Group shot of an incredible bunch of women- how blessed I am to call them friends 

My present and thank you note from my Seesters- I sobbed cried 

Buon Natale from San Pietro! Tree is up, the manger scene is on it's way 

Storm watching from my room- the Vatican Museum wall is in the background

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