Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Tomorrow will mark my last day at the convent and Thursday will be my last day in Roma. I feel many different emotions at the moment.....but what I am feeling most is gratitude. For everything. Not only this experience, which has changed my life in almost every way imaginable, but gratitude for the people, decisions, experiences, friendships and opportunities which helped me get to where I sit right at this moment. Living in Roma had been a dream of mine for so long- but now that I have been here and lived the dream- I realize it wasn't so much a dream but a love letter from God- a call from God- to come here and experience all that I needed to experience, in order to better not only myself, but serve and better those in need. God was calling me to come here, to love and serve and work with the Seesters, volunteers and the ladies of the convent, all of whom I feel such a special connection to. 

I will prepare lunch for the ladies tomorrow, then sit with them as they eat....and I am sure I will cry! They are such loving and sweet souls and I want so badly for them to all succeed in life. I know some of them will get back on their feet, and some of them won't. I am grateful for the chance to serve them, for as much as I have served them, they have served me just as much- if not more. The same can be said for the Seesters and all they have taught me about faith and the power of prayer. I do have some very sweet and downright hilarious stories of my time at the convent, but I hesitate to share those, only because everyone who lives and works there deserves their privacy. I am grateful for those stories because they will stay with me forever and every time I think of them, I will smile. 

This journey has been an answered prayer. No words which can come out of my mouth or that I can put onto paper can fully express they joy and love and gratitude I feel for the Lord for leading me here. It is my continued prayer that I use this experience and the gifts He has blessed me with to better the Kingdom He has created. I am grateful He put the necessary courage in my heart and mind for me to accept His calling for my life. 

On Sunday, this chapter of my journey ends and I will begin another new and exciting chapter in early January as I continue my education. I am grateful for new beginnings and I am ready. One of the things this experience has taught me is to live in the present, not worrying so much about the future. Those are tomorrows worries and burdens and can wait for tomorrow. So for now, I will enjoy and soak up my last few days in Europe and continue to rejoice and thank God with a most grateful heart. 

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  1. Girl you are so inspiring :) I have loved following your journey in Rome. I can not wait to see how God continues to use you in the next chapter of your life. Love you!