Friday, September 16, 2016


The forecast called for thunderstorms & lightening here in Roma on Thursday (and the convent is closed to volunteers each Thursday), so I decided to take the train up to Siena for a fun little getaway. I sure was not disappointed as Siena is absolutely spectacular! It is a Tuscan town that is known for its medieval brick buildings and the Palio di Siena, a traditional horse race around the town square which happens every summer. I am already planning my return visit!! 
La Dominica 

View of Il Campo 

St. Catherine 

Il Campo, where they have the famous horse race each summer

The view right before you walk into the medieval part of the city 

Overlooking the town. Take me back! 

The flag of Siena

St. Catherines House 

Siena Cathedral 

Spritz, an Italian speciality! (Prosecco with ginger beer) I am a fan of drinking my meals while in Italy ; ) 

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  1. A spritz sounds delicious! Why did we never try that? Guess it means we'll have to come visit again to try it :) Love you and love reading about your adventures!!