Monday, September 22, 2014


This is awful, but I have to title my blogs the days of the week in order to keep track of them! Quite a contrast to four months ago when I was literally counting down every hour until the weekend...The longer I am here, the more I know God is so RICHLY blessing me with this very special time in my life... I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to do something like this again. I want to do all I can to glorify His name and use every minute wisely. 

I explored ALL day Saturday- a good six hours of walking around the city, seeing new churches and museums- it was fantastic. I am so blessed to have such a strong and healthy body that can get me around anywhere...My feet are pretty sore, though! A small price to pay for such a good day. I went to the convent early on Sunday morning and helped walk the women over to mass. In all honesty, it really is only 30 feet from the Sisters to St. Monica's, but many of the women are disabled and one Sister said to me, "it is so good we have people to help us walk the women over, some of them are so out of their minds they would get so lost walking across the street." My first reaction was to laugh a bit : / then I quickly realized the Sisters are doing such meaningful and important work in the lives of others. I, for the most part, stay in the kitchen, but this statement really hit home that this convent is HOME for some women who have no place else to go. I feel incredibly blessed to be a small part of their lives and their home. 

Today was deep cleaning day, and I willingly went into the convent this morning knowing this (five heaven points for me?!?!?! :  ) Once again, we volunteers were rewarded with sweet treats and I made the mistake of telling the Sisters I was diabetic and showed them my insulin pump... Let me tell you, this was quite the blunder as they were immediately worried and said they wouldn't give me anymore treats!!!!!!!! (They are always pushing food on me, telling me I need to eat more) I was horrified, I LIVE for treats and if I take my insulin, I can have as many as I want...and since I have been walking SO much, I always have extra treats ; ) I tried to correct my mistake and explain how the insulin works... I am not sure if they understood or not, but they did say they would say an extra special prayer for me and my sickness, which means a lot and I am grateful for these special prayers. 

I spent Monday afternoon doing (surprise!) more exploring and checked off quite a few of my local Roma to do list activities....I stopped at the gelato place which has over 150 flavors...choosing two was so much harder than choosing a nail polish and THAT is really hard!!  : ) I ended up going with twix and peanut butter...delicious (at some point I will try the fruit flavors, but right now I am all about chocolate). I also found a little shop called Toko- I have been searching for this shop for WEEKS now. Kath is so happy because this means I will finally shut up about it ; ) I didn't get anything- I was more proud I actually found it, as it is truly in a little hidden alleyway. I studied an actual map (like a fold out map) to find it....Never thought I would be using one of those! Toko does create custom initial rings out of scrap metal and coins and I am considering having one made to celebrate my time in Roma (funds willing). I ended my excursion by going to Il Papiro, an Italian stationary store which uses marbling, a technique of chromatic decoration that dates back to the seventeenth century. 

I see couples ALL OVER in Roma, including many who are getting married. It is not like the US where people strictly get married on a Friday or Saturday night... all the couples I have seen have been in their dresses and tux's on weekday is very sweet. 

I did hear the Hawks got a big win yesterday! I love living in Roma, but I do, at times, wish I could be home on Sunday afternoons watching football with my family and friends...sipping on a Starbucks Carmel Apple Cider (have one for me, LL!)...I will look forward to this next year and will go eat another gelato to compensate ; ) 

Love to you all- everyone is in my prayers, especially as a new school year begins for many of my friends! 

xx SJK 

Beautiful bride and groom headed to St. Peters 

Maybe I will rent one of these instead of a scooter...

Gelato at Del Palma!!! 

ADORABLE pup I saw outside of a shop...poor thing must be so hot, it is still in the 80's here and very humid....

My very original message (I got the date wrong ; ( at Il Papiro

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  1. I changed my mind I want a initial, hand-crafted ring! ;) Love your adventures !