Thursday, September 25, 2014

Much to look forward to!!

I got a little crazy on RyanAir this afternoon and booked myself a few European trips... I will be traveling to Frankfurt, Germany in October (for authentic Oktoberfest with my cousins!) Dublin, Ireland and Athens, Greece in November! These deals were just TOO good to pass up. I booked weekend trips so my schedule with the Sisters would not be too interrupted. I will try to work overtime at the convent to make up for the days I will be gone. I also booked a flight to Warsaw, Poland before I leave the EU and will spend some time there, before returning to Seattle (via London and Iceland) on December 7th.  

Lacy is coming for nine days in mid-Octotber and Andrea and Mel will arrive for five days in mid-November (I think Les and Gail should come, too ; ) . I am also hopeful my mom will come over Thanksgiving break. I know it costs an arm and a leg to get here and see the sights, stay in a hotel, eat out every meal- I am so grateful to my sweet friends who are so willing to spend some of their savings visiting me. I do have so much to look forward to these next few months and I eagerly await everyones arrival! 

If there is anything you think I should see in Frankfurt, Dublin, Athens and Warsaw, please send me tips as I have limited knowledge of these areas. These trips will be not only an adventure, but a challenge as well- I will need to find an inexpensive place to stay in each city (except for Frankfurt where I will stay with family), a cheap way to get myself to and from the airports (i.e. figuring out a train or bus schedule/system, cabs are too pricey), cheap places to eat and I will need to figure out how to get myself around town, while being extremely safe. I am quite nervous and to be honest, it feels exciting but overwhelming, as well- doing all these things on my own does scare me and I have already become very comfortable here in Italy. I have a safety net in place. That feels good, but I keep remembering the saying, "A ship is safe at harbor, but that is not what ships are for." I want to keep growing and experiencing all these wonderful adventures- and to do that, I have to move to the other side of fear. 

 I have already grown in leaps and bounds and proven so much to myself by following what God has put on my heart: quitting my job, moving to Phoenix, coming to Roma, working with the Sisters. I have always be independent, but I never envisioned being so independent in this way...Now that I am, I simply wouldn't have it any other way. As always, I praise God for guiding and loving me in the way only He can. 


  1. AH!!! I'm in your blog!!! Yesssss (Andrea)

  2. Frankfurt, Dublin, Athens and Warsaw!!! You are living a dream! OMGosh, your life experiences are ever expanding.