Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Renewed and Refreshed

Summer 2014 involved quite a few changes, but it was without a doubt the best summer of my life. While I did miss my family and friends, quitting my job and moving to Arizona was the best possible decision I could have made and I feel like my spirit has been renewed and refreshed. I have a very clear picture of who I am and where I am going. Thank you to everyone who loved and supported me during my transition. 
Roomies once again! 
Elly came to visit! 

First sunset pic in our spot : ) 

Chris and Jess 

Grand Canyon

I loved seeing Lani at U of A where we broke the record for the world's largest fish taco

Lisa and her bridesmaid : ) 

Enumclaw girls in Scottsdale

Cards Camp- Go Hawks! 

I held every single baby and small child that came into the Surprise Food Bank. This one wasn't impressed by my snuggles
My two little loves- the best girls ever 



Lunch with the Root Sports employees of the month : ) 

Jane and I cheering for the Dawgs

After years of paying tuition, Matt and I finally invited my parents to a Husky game 


Mia!! Cant wait to read our book- thank you!! : ) 

Mass at St. Joes with a good friend 

Airport selfie 
Arizona sunsets 

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