Saturday, September 27, 2014

Musei Vaticani

Today was World Tourism Day, so I decided to stroll down the street to the Vatican Museum where they were giving free entrance. About 30,000 other people also had this idea and lets just say, it was good I brought my patience ; ) I waited three hours to get in (I got there an hour early!) this line was like the longest Splash Mountain line you have ever seen, but on steroids. Three hours was probably the short end of the deal- I was wise enough to bring a book and got some good reading and sunshine in. No complaints! 

This was my third visit to the museum in the past few years, and I know I will see it again soon with so many visitors coming this fall. I didn't feel the need to stay all day (I was there about four hours) but was still able to browse the artwork, walk through the Sistine Chapel (and take illegal pictures, there goes those heaven points...) send some postcards and shop a little at the bookstore (I purchased a Mother Teresa pendant I know I will wear and cherish forever. It sounds so cheesy- but I am very happy Sisters will always be close to my heart, in more ways than one). 

I took quite a few photos, but none of them (or any photos anyone will ever take) can do this place justice. There are no words to describe it...the beauty and the history. Below are a few highlights of the Museum- I ended up coming home for a late lunch then went out again for a visit to Campo di Fiori, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (where I watched an Italian wedding!!) Sant' Agostino, Piazza Navonna, the Pantheon and San Luigi dei Francesi. I ended my outing by having a glass of wine at a bar and saw the first half of the Roma game. It was a lovely day- I am so blessed to be living this life I have always wanted to live!

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  1. Wow! Just wow! I can't seem to find the words. So incredible and so true.