Friday, October 3, 2014

Food, Wine and Laughs

I had the BEST two evenings with three fabulous friends who were visiting Roma from Enumclaw this week! I am so happy I was able to see these beautiful, hilarious, adventurous and kind women who treated me royally well. Thank you, Kathy, Karen and Diane- I cherish our time together in this magical city! 

Below are a few photos from my week: 
La Ciambella! We found it! : ) Thank you Shelby for choosing such a wonderful restaurant for us to dine at- and thank you ladies, for including me on your special night! 

Convent TREATS!!! 

The 27 pounds of lettuce I chopped ; ) 

Sauce created from scratch! Joanna and I made this together 

The finished product! Lunch for the women who live at the convent 

NANITA!!!! I am so happy she let me take this photo and you can all see the woman I love- I told her she had won Miss Italia and presented her with these flowers (donated to the convent this morning) She laughed and laughed then kissed my face and said "I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH" :  ) 

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