Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lacy comes to visit!

My friend Lacy from Enumclaw is visiting this week. This is her first trip to Europe, so it has been special to show her around the city and explore all it has to offer. We never fail to get ourselves into some crazy adventures when we are together and naturally, Roma has been no different! 
A blonde and a brunette take on Roma 

Roman Forum

Rockin the aviators while touring Piazza Novana 

Via dei Coronari- one of my favorite streets 

Six course dinner in the Trastevere District 

Scala Santa 

Tea at Babington's next to the Spanish Steps 

Bike Tour (survivors)! We almost died about nine times....but safer than a scooter- my original idea ; ) 

Joanna and I made pasta for the women at the convent this morning: peas, tomatoes, ham, red sauce from scratch and olive oil- I had a large plate and it was delicious if I do say so myself ; ) 

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