Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Villa Farnesina

I had the BEST time watching the Roma game with new friends at Ris Cafe last night (it was a 1-1 draw) and today I was in need of some fresh air and a walk (make of that statement whatever you want) so I took myself to Villa Farnesina for tour morning. This is one of Rome's most intimate and beautiful grand houses, with artworks by Raphael and a few charming little gardens. Villa Farnesina was commissioned by Agostino Chigi (a wealthy banker) in 1508 as a suburban villa, meant to entertain royalty, artists and cardinals. In 1580 it was purchased by the Farnese family and has been known by its current title ever since. It was quite stunning and I never fail to be awed by all of the gorgeous artwork this city has to offer. 

There is an epic thunder and rain storm happening outside at the moment....Roma does have beautiful storms and I love sitting on my window perch listening and watching. They are pretty frequent with pounding sideways rain- thankfully I have only been caught in one! 

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