Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week in Review

 The Seeesssters are getting a little feisty! (I was warned this would happen). Last week I was banished to the chapel to pray for the last 20 minutes of my shift (I am still confused about the meaning of this, not sure if I was in trouble or they just thought I needed to pray) and this morning one of them said to me "Sayah, you are looking really sloppy and sleepy today!" Hahaha why yes I was, thank you for pointing this out, Seeester! (The Italians call them Seeesssteers, so that is what I call them now too-I went running once my shift was up today, so I was dressed in my Lulu gear and tennis shoes, not the normal jeans and a tee). They also told me I drink too much coffee and have cut me off several times...Oh the Seesters!! God bless them. 

Below is a photo recap of my week, including a five mile run along the Tiber (my first real run since the marathon, it felt so good! I will do a 13.1 mile Roman run before I leave in December, so I can say I have done a half in Italy!) and a trip to St. Peters Basilica and the Dome. There is a HUGE AS Roma/Bayern Munich Champions League game tonight, so I will go and watch it at a bar somewhere with all the crazy Roma fans....and I definitely won't be looking sleepy and sloppy ; ) LOL


Papa giving his weekly address from his room

For Keith! Rowers along my Tiber run

San Pietro from above 

Up close 

San Pietro 

San Pietro

San Pietro artwork 
Bernini's work is so incredible

The never ending stair climb to the dome- being highly competitive, I passed just about everyone in front of me...cause it's a race, ya know!?! Sometimes I forget I work at a convent : /

View from the top of the dome

Dome rules

Vatican Gardens 

Swiss Guard- they do their laundry right next to my apartment and I always see their uniforms being ironed ;  )

Left my mark on a Roman tree! 

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  1. Cant figure out why my comments won't publish... I'll try once again.
    Anyway, I said that I feel the JOY of tranquility when I spend an afternoon with your blog. I am endlessly grateful for your sharing your thoughts as you continue to have such a transformative experience. I love you to the moon and back.