Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Weekend Update

We celebrated beautiful Ninetta's birthday at the convent on Friday! She brought in a cake for those who were there (four of us, in total) and we spent time singing, dancing, eating and laughing. It was such a few moments of joy- I could not have been happier to honor this amazing woman of Christ who I continue to love. And boy do we love to express our LOVE for each other ; ) Highly annoying to others, I am sure!! I had already given her the present from Kath and I- a rosary bracelet from the Vatican which I had purchased for myself five and a half years ago when I was there with Lisa and Jess. I wanted her to have the same bracelet as me and now we can wear them and work together. 

I was giggling though, as Ninetta sometimes forgets my name and has to ask the Seester what it is...and while I don't speak Italian I can figure out what "como te llamas??" means followed by Seester saying "Sayah" ; ) Below are party photos and a few things which have inspired me this week. Time is flying by....almost November and my adventure is half over :( By the way....UW plays ASU at Husky Stadium tonight. Old school vs. the new school....GO DAWGS! 

Beautiful cake to celebrate such a special woman. It was delicious- I had two pieces...

The honored guest with her cake 

I tried to teach Seester how to use an iPhone and she cut me out of the photo!! : ) I do love this picture because you can see how short Ninetta is- 4 feet 9 inches tops, I would say! Finally someone shorter then me....

Spanish Steps at night

I love running along the Tiber!! The air is finally crisp and cool

San Pietro from the Castel Sant' Angelo market where I go to read and drink wine kale smoothies ; ) 

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  1. Having a lovely time sitting with a pumpkin spice latte and treating myself to your blog. I am so grateful that you're sharing this experience with me. As you change thru this experience, you're teaching me a different perspective.