Friday, October 10, 2014

These are a few of my favorite (Roman) things!

I have been in Roma one month now! Time really has flown by- it does seem like just yesterday I had arrived and was first meeting the Sisters and getting set up in my apartment. Each day truly does keep getting better and better. To say that I feel blessed to be living this new, exciting, adventurous, fulfilling life is quite the understatement. I feel more than blessed....I guess I cannot really describe the feeling because I have never experienced it before, but I am just so happy and fulfilled and excited about EVERYTHING. I am excited to be here, I am excited about my experiences here, I am excited about the future- going back to Arizona in January and attending ASU for grad school....I am also thankful for the past and the things which have shaped me into the woman I am today. 

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me, both here in Roma (Kath and Anita most especially- they are my Roman angels!!) and back at home. I have so many people who have expressed how thrilled they are for me and it makes my heart very happy to have such wonderful, loving and valued friends. 

Roma is a very unique and fun city. I have explored so much already and have acquired some favorites: 

Favorite Cafe: Cafe Mox- right next to my apartment, I go here in the morning to read and drink a latte- I sometimes return for dinner as it is cheap, the food is great and the staff is very friendly. 

Favorite Restaurant: LoveEat! This place is adorable with delicious food and a very young and fun atmosphere. The salads are to die for and I took of picture of the menu so I could try to recreate them back at home ; ) 

Favorite Sister: They aren't reading this so it's ok to share ; ) Sister Lutzia, for sure. I love them all, but Sister Lutzia is very loving, intelligent and always takes time to spend a few moments chatting with me about my day and my life in Roma. 

Favorite Activity: I really only do a few with the Sisters, explore around town, eat good food and drink good wine ; ) and if I had to choose, I say exploring. Tough life, I know! I am currently reading an excellent book I can't put down, The Pillars of the Earth- love it! 

Favorite Store: SEPHORA. Some things will never change ; ) As I mentioned, I have been to all three in Roma (multiple times). 

Favorite Italian store: This isn't really a store, but I spent hours in the Vatican Museum gift shop. Like more hours in the gift shop then looking at the art ; / In my defense, I have been to the Museum numerous times, so it was really fun to look for things for my friends and family. I am going again on Monday and will be picking up an extra special present for Nanita as it is her 70th birthday on October 13th. We sang several renditions of "Happy Birthday to You" this morning and presented her with treats. And by "we" I mean me and Kath : ) Everyone else just stared at us! Ha. She loved it. I love her. 

Favorite Gelato Flavor: Kinder Bueno! I also had peach and it was excellent, but Kinder Bueno (a mix of chocolate & hazelnut) is the best, in my opinion. 

Favorite Item to Cook: Pasta, of course!! I really love Spaghetti alla Carbonara. 

I am headed to Florence on Saturday and the Isle of Ponza on Thursday, it will be great to explore more of Italy! 

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  1. Hi Ms.Shara it's Mia I have enjoyed all your posts and I hope you continue posting your eadventures!