Saturday, November 15, 2014

BFF's in Roma!

Two of my besties, Andrea and Mel were here last week and it is fair to say this city showed us Seattle gals a good time! I loved seeing two of my most favorite women in the world, two loving, generous, kind and beautiful souls who bring me so much happiness and provide me with lots of laughs and encouragement. This visit was planned before I arrived in Roma and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. From dinners to tours to subway rides and LOTS of walking, we had a fabulous time catching up, sightseeing and drinking lots of vino 
: ) I would especially like to thank Andrea's sweet parents who purchased us a wonderful tour of Ostia and a very delicious and fancy dinner on Wednesday night. Below are a few photos from the trip, mostly from our day trip to the beach and Ostia Antica (an ancient Roman harbour city about 25 minutes northeast from the city center, much like Pompeii, just without the volcano and mummified bodies : ) I am already missing you ladies!!

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  1. Trip of a lifetime with the best people! You were a wonderful host and tour guide of your amazing city...wish we were still there! But I have so many memories that will be with me forever :)