Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Weekend Update

Happy Halloween to all! This holiday is not really celebrated here in Italy (so my grand idea of dressing as a nun was foiled) but, today is All Saints Day and that sure is a big deal! I honored the Saints by going to confession at St. Peters (very humbling) this morning and I was shocked when after confessing all my sins, Father only told me to do penance with one Our Father and two Hail Mary's. Ummmm, thats it?! I just told you all the sinning I have done, I think I should be doing a bit more than that! I guess I have credit for "time served" with the Seesters. They are teaching me how to say the Hail Mary in Italian, this is quite exciting and they love to laugh at me. Good thing I love to laugh at me too! 

I do apologize for my lack of blog posts recently. I have been spending nearly every single free minute I have reading, exploring, lunching and running along the Tiber. I continue to feel incredibly blessed and happy, hoping my time here will be used to benefit others and praise the name of our Lord. Below are some highlights from the past week: I went to the top of the Monumento a Vittorio via the crystal lift, attended an AS Roma match, viewed St. Peters Basilica from the famous keyhole on the Aventino Hill, prayed at numerous churches and of course, worked with my beloved Seesters. Just this week, I learned how to use the bus system here, which has been helpful with time management...but, there are several drawbacks. I fear I am becoming downright lazy, as I got tired of walking the other day and waited twenty minutes for a bus that took me three stops to my door! Sadly, I can only ride the bus for a few minutes before having to jump off, as I am prone to awful motion sickness and get horribly ill while riding...karma for riding for free and not purchasing a ticket, I am sure!! Blessings and love to all my friends and family! 
View of the Colosseo from the top of the lift 

The top of the Monumento a Vittorio- the view of the city is incredible

San Pietro and the Tiber from my "happy place" aka the Castel Sant' Angelo market. I run along that path almost every night 

AS Roma on the pitch vs. Cesena on Oct. 29th from Stadio Olimpico! 

Santo Spirito in Sassia- where Pope John Paul II would often sneak away and worship 

Maria Gabrielle and I in the kitchen! I had just woken up about five minutes before this was taken  ; ) 

The famous keyhole view of St. Peters from the Villa del Priorato di Malta- my photo
The internet version of the same photo ; ) 

Fontana delle Tartarughe - do yourself a favor and google the story of this fountain!!

Santa Maria in Campitelli- this photo does not do it justice. Simply stunning 


  1. You better apologize for not blogging! I want to know every minute what you are up too! ;) Glad you are having fun and exploring. That is what it is all about! And only two hail mary's and one our father?! Did he even listen to you confess!!! ;) #idontevenknowwhatthatmeans

  2. OMGOSH, my cuppa and afternoon reverie was cut short...I was looking forward to reading lots of fabulous blog posts. Ah, I totally understand, I don't know how you've managed to write what you have written. I wonder if you'll be sad to end this chapter of your life. I know it's been a tremendous sacrifice on your part (time & finances) and yet it seems to be absolutely incredible.