Monday, November 3, 2014


I took the train to Milano on Sunday and had a grand day exploring the fashion capitol of the world! Contrary to popular opinion, there is much more to this city than just designer shops....although, there are a lot of those ; ) I was able to attend mass and receive Holy Communion at the Duomo, which is by far the most incredible church I have ever seen or been inside. Even better than San Pietro, in my opinion. I also visited Santa Maria delle Grazie e Cenacolo where Da Vinci's painted his Last Supper masterpiece. I wasn't able to see it, as tickets are sold out until Wednesday, but the church is beautiful. I saw Casa Milan and Stadio San Siro, the largest stadium in Italy where AC Milan plays their home matches (Inter Milan plays there as well, the city is even more soccer nuts than Roma) and the Castello Sforzesco. Please don't worry everyone, my credit card remained safely tucked in my wallet and I returned to Roma with no designer purses or shoes in hand (quite disappointing for me!!)  

Casa Milan, Headquarters of the AC Milan Football Club

Duomo- it took over six centuries to build

Duomo detail


So beautiful

The golden angel atop the Duomo who watches over the city

Piazza Cimitero Monumentale

Stadio San Siro 

Santa Maria delle Grazie e Cenacolo where the Last Supper is housed 

Rent a "car" ; )

Halloween was celebrated in Milano! 

Shopping District 

I miss my LV purse which is back in Arizona! Cause you are supposed to miss material possessions when you work at a convent feeding the homeless, right?!? 

Pit stop! 

Milanese Sephora near the Duomo

Second Milanese Sephora!!! ; ) I think I have a "Sephora Sixth Sense" 

Famous Sport Graffiti wall which lines the Piazzale Lorenzo Lotto Racetrack and Park 

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  1. Love these pictures! Cant wait to see more from Ireland! PS- I nominated YOU for the Liebster Award so check our my newest blog post and get to it!