Saturday, November 22, 2014

HG3 Part 1

I can't really put into words how excited I was upon learning last month that the third Hunger Games movie (part 1) would be showing in Roma on opening weekend. Normally, American movies arrive in Europe about two months after they open in the US, so knowing I wouldn't have to wait until December to see my favorite franchise of all time was pretty cool! I thought for sure the movie would be showing at the Barberini, Roma's biggest theater in the city center (I have been seeing Katniss posters all over town, they are hyping it like crazy) but to my surprise it was only being shown in verse original (what the Italians call it) at the Lux. I had no idea how to get to the Lux (nor had I heard of it), it is in a completely unknown and far off part of town, but I wasn't going to let that little hiccup stop me! I mapped out my subway route (which I wasn't entirely confident I could navigate) but by the time I got on my third train transfer, I knew I was heading in the right direction, as every english speaking teeny bopper in Roma was heading to this movie! I had no idea how to get to the theater once I hopped off the train, so naturally I struck up a conversation with the teeny boppers and asked if I could follow them. I put all pride aside, I wasn't taking a chance on getting lost and missing my big night! They were cool with this and let me tag along, three girls even asked me what grade I was in- ummm, I was in junior high like you guys fifteen years ago!! (I had my hair up and no makeup on, wearing a sweatshirt and Ugg boots, so I guess I looked like a kid. I was acting like one too with how excited I was). I bought my popcorn, soda and candy, settled in and grinned like an idiot for about an hour until smack in the middle of the movie, they turn on the lights and start selling concessions! It was crazy, I have never seen anything like this before. I was stunned and started complaining- the girl next to me had to explain an intermission during a movie is normal in only lasted about five minutes and it did ruin the scene, I am so happy they don't do this in America! Once it was over, I followed the teeny boppers back to the subway and went home. Overall, I was quite happy with the movie and cannot wait to see the final installment of the franchise next year. I do have to admit, I dearly missed my HG partner in crime, Miss Catie Beck and was thinking of her all day : ) 

My sweet and beautiful mother arrived in Roma this afternoon, we had a fantastic dinner and are heading to bed early for an eventful Sunday in Venice. I love my mom so much and am thrilled I have the opportunity to show her the life I have created here. The Seesters are super excited to meet her too, they kept asking me all month when she was coming. 

Happy weekend and Thanksgiving week to all my friends and family!  

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  1. I saw the HG too! So good! And how weird about intermission during movies! That would never fly in the US :) I am glad to hear your mom made it over safely! I will miss you guys at Thanksgiving but glad you get to be together. You are so missed and loved girl. So proud of you. Talk soon!